We have endorsed the following candidates for:

County Commission Republican Primary:

District 1 Seat A:    Archie Archer
District 1 Seat B:    [no endorsement]
District 2 Seat A:    Mike Akard
District 2 Seat B:    Douglas Benton
District 3 Seat A:    Sean Thompson
District 3 Seat B:    Chipper Wyatt
District 4 Seat A:    Linda King
District 4 Seat B:    Karen Miller
District 4 Seat C:    [no endorsement]
District 5 Seat A:    [no endorsement]
District 5 Seat B:    Wade Masters
District 6 Seat A:    Thomas Cole
District 6 Seat B:    [no endorsement]
District 7 Seat A:    Troy Ball
District 7 Seat B:    Tona Monroe
District 8 Seat A:    [no endorsement]
District 8 Seat B:    [candidate withdrew]
District 9 Seat A:    [no endorsement]
District 9 Seat B:    Steve Simon
District 10 Seat A:    Jamie Daly*
District 10 Seat B:    Larry Henry

County Commission Democrat Primary:

District 4 Seat A:    Richard Neal Hutchens

(Mr Hutchens is not challenged in his primary.  He will win that election by default.  In order to best achieve our mutual objective of ending the strangle hold of political corruption in Blount County, we encourage our Democrat friends in the 4th district to vote in the Republican Primary.  If Ms King fails to win her race, then we will encourage our Republican friends to vote for Mr Hutchens in the general election.)

General Sessions Judge:

Division 2 (juvenile judge): Kenlyn Foster

County School Board:

District 7: Stan Giles*


Don't forget, early voting is April 16 through May 1.  Election Day is May 6.

Click here for a printable list.  You can print this and stick it to your fridge as a reminder,

or give copies to your neighbors.  Here's the URL for hand outs.  http://blountcountytaxrevolt.com/

* Stan Giles was originally endorsed for District 10 seat A.  He dropped out to run for School Board District 7.  Our endorsement follows him, and we are supporting Jamie Daly for Seat A.  The school board election will take place in August.  I will update this with specific dates.


Blount County Tax Revolt is a group of citizens who stand for:

  • Lower taxes

  • Less debt

  • Smaller government

  • Greater liberty

We have two projects we are working on:

  • Help fellow citizens take seats of public office back from entrenched politicians.

  • Form a charter for Blount County, so citizens can establish rules government must abide by.

You can sign up for our email list or contact us by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or placing a call to Samuel Duck at 865 300 7267.  We need people to knock on doors, host yard signs, or even donate to help candidates purchase materials such as yard signs and send mailers.  We have a goal of $1000 per candidate, and since we are supporting 15 commission candidates, that's $15,000.  Every little bit helps.